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Pink Earth
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Our Story

We are an all natural haircare company dedicated to not only providing natural and scientifically backed solutions to hair loss but to helping women to rediscover their hair confidence.

When our founder was diagnosed with a life changing autoimmune condition, she was devastated to find her hair falling out and growing thinner day by day. This was when she started using her families own remedies, researching and fine tuning them until they evolved in to what they now are - a revolutionary and lifechanging hair care treatment that really works. 

Our hair has such a deep psychological hold on how we see ourselves, and as it naturally thins with age, the impact from this can be truly devastating. Having experienced this first hand we want to give you back the confidence and love you once had and empower you to truly be how you see yourself. 

Because life is more than just good hair but it's a great place to start! 


Our Philosophy

We believe in creating products inspired by and in harmony with the natural world around us. 

We’ve sourced only the very best ingredients to make products that not only get you results but are beneficial for both your hair and scalp! We constantly research and refine our products to ensure our customers are always at the very cutting edge of science.


& We don’t use any nasty sulphates, parabens or SLS, like 98% of beauty products out there. We are 100% organic, Vegan Friendly, and chemical free.

Because loving yourself does not need to cost the earth!


Our Vision

We believe that beauty comes from within and we should celebrate our individuality.

We believe that everyone should be happy in the skin their in and the hair they have. We strive daily to improve the hair, and in turn, the lives of everyone of our customers because how we feel about our hair and about ourselves really matters. 


We also believe in a world where humans and nature can work together without us destroying our environment with nasty chemicals, over production, and harmful waste. We produce products that are in harmony with the world around us and strive to be leaders in environmental sustainability. Wherever we can we use recyclable materials and are constantly researching new technologies to improve and enhance our sustainability and lower our carbon footprint.