We use a unique blend of specialist ingredients targeting the causes of hair damage to renew and restore your locks!

Our products work by stimulating new healthy hair growth whilst also enhancing and restoring your current locks AND have the additional benefit of protecting them from age and environmental factors too! 

We have spent years researching, testing, and evolving our products based on the very latest scientific research into hair growth to ensure our products really do achieve what we say they will. We know our products work because we rely on them to grow and maintain our own long locks!

Our products combat the key problems that inhibit a healthy scalp and luscious hair:

  • Scalp Build Up

  • Breakage and split ends

  • Slow Hair Growth Cycle

  • Environmental Damage

  • Fragile, and damaged hair follicles.

The Difference between Us And Hair Vitamins

We all know that having the right diet and eating properly results in a healthier body and this is also true for your hair. This is why the majority of hair growth products are focussed on oral based consumption (i.e. vitamin tablets). However, many of the key vitamins needed for healthy hair growth have other uses for the body too so the downside of this approach is that while these vitamins will be doing your body good, it won't guarantee that your body will use these vitamins for your hair and not for another part of your body instead. 

By using our products directly on your hair and scalp you know that these key vitamins will be absorbed where they're most needed and give you the results you want.

The Difference between Us And Thickening Products

A hair thickener is different to a hair replacement treatment as it doesn’t halt or reverse the effects of thinning hair, but simply masks the effect, very much like putting concealer on acne. The acne is still there, but the concealer is hiding this and giving the appearance of healthy skin.

Thickening products work by swelling the natural hair shaft and increasing the overall circumference of your hair strands. This in turn, boosts the overrall volume of your hair even though in reality you haven't gained any extra hair. 

An average person's head contains around 10,000 hairs and when each one is swollen it can give you impressive and almost instant results. The downside to this approach is that it is only a temporary solution with the results lasting only until the next time you wash your hair. And if you use thickening products regularly then this can actually lead to product build-up on your tresses which will result in stifling your natural hair environment and may inhibit healthy hair growth.