4 New Year Resolutions You Can Make to Transform Your Hair For Good!

Every year we make decisions on what we can change about ourselves and our lives and if you’re anything like us they’re usually forgotten within a couple of months. So we decided, as it’s a new year, to ask our founder, Caroline, about the top ways you can quick start changes to support your hair health, have the best hair of your life, and say goodbye to any hair woes for good….


What with Covid-19, kids off school, working from home (another lockdown!!) etc. we appreciate your stress levels are probably at an all time high and we know we don’t need to tell you that stress is bad for you but did you know it also affects your hair too? “When you’re stressed your body produces toxins which can be dangerous when produced in excess. When one imbalance occurs in your body there is a knock on effect elsewhere; your adrenals produce cortisol and in high doses this lowers progesterone (a female hormone).” Caroline explains “This can have implications for anyone suffering from female pattern hair loss. Sometimes, the blood supply to your hair follicles is compromised, which results in your hair falling out as the growth cannot be sustained any longer.” Work on ways you can destress, if there is something in particular you can pinpoint as a trigger for stress and you can you eliminate it then that’s brilliant, but realistically it may not be that simple. Take tie for yourself, whether it’s simply going for a walk, reading a book or even having a bath, it’s so important to take stock of how you feel and ensuring you are in a happy place.


We all know smoking is bad for our bodies but what no one talks about is the effects it can have on your hair! In fact, smoking prematurely ages your hair!! “Smoking has inflammatory and oxidative effects and can deplete your body of essential nutrients like Zinc, B Vitamins, Carotene, Magnesium, Calcium, and Vitamin C. These factors contribute to DNA damage at your hair follicle thereby accelerating the ageing process.” Caroline says, “Additionally smoking can contribute to loss of lustre, lifelessness, and accelerated greyness in your hair…” none of which are attributes that any of us want! By quitting smoking you can stop these negative effects and over time, with the right diet you can rebuild these depleted nutrients!


Keratin was a buzzword for 2019-2020 and it’s not just for smoothing your hair! It can actually give your hair a boost to make your strands more resilient. “This is why we use it as a key ingredient in our Healthy Hair Mask” explains Caroline. “We use a specially formulated Vegan Keratin so as a customer you get all the benefits but none of the cruelty; and for your hair it means you’ll see thicker, stronger, and healthier looking hair!”


We talk about diet a lot but when it comes to your hair, you really are what you eat. A balanced, nutrient rich diet will greatly improve the health of hair follicles, giving you shinier strands and healthy, sustainable growth. “If you’re looking to eat better for your hair make sure you’re including lots of leafy vegetables and iron rich protein. Iron and Vitamin D help build and strengthen your hair which is why these ingredients are always included in hair supplements.” Caroline explains. Additionally, you may want to look at including omega 3, 6, 9 which are all essential fatty acids that aid absorption of nutrients ensuring you get maximum uptake.


Resolutions are always hard to stick to but even if you just picked out of our four tips, it could be the difference between ‘meh’ and ‘wow’ for your hair! So go on… pick one that you feel resonates with you best, one you know would be easy to implement and let’s embark on a journey together to get you the best hair of your life!


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