Age Proofing your Hair with Antioxidants

We all know that your skin ages and loses elasticity with time but did you know this also happens to your hair as well? Ginger and Pearl’s Healthy Hair Mask, Hair Growth Elixir, and Purifying Scalp Scrub all contain key anti-ageing properties needed to maintain healthy, growing hair as you age.

What are the signs of ageing hair?

Dryness, frizz and breakage are all normal age-related hair changes that many people experience as they get older, however this is not always treated with specialist products. Most people sadly treat solely with a regular shampoo and conditioner which is the equivalent of putting a band-aid on the problem, often covering your precious hair cuticles with ‘plastics’ that give you short term, smooth and shiney hair but this can lead even worse breakage and product build-up over time.

How can you ‘anti-age’ your hair?

Sun, smoke and pollution cause oxidation - changes to your cells makeup which can lead to cell death. Now, it’s sadly impossible to be completely void of all free radicals as our body produces these but antioxidants massively limit their effect. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals which as a result keeps your hair healthy and strong.

Make sure you’re properly maintaining your hair as you age and adequately supporting your hair’s natural growth rhythm by using a product rich in antioxidants like our Hair Growth Elixir.

We know that incorporating antioxidants into our diet and skin care is beneficial as we age, but it’s also beneficial in our hair care.