Are Your Keratin Hair Products Vegan-Friendly or Cruelty Free?

Keratin can be an absolute wonder treatment for hair. It works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands. But the downside is that the majority of commercial products use Keratin derived from animal products.

What Does Keratin Actually do to Your Hair?

Keratin is a type of fibrous structural protein. The layers of cells, called the hair cuticle, absorb the Keratin, resulting in hair that looks full and glossy. Keratin also claims to make curly hair less frizzy, easier to style, and straighter in appearance (cue those expensive Salon Keratin Treatments that were and still are very popular!)

While that doesn’t sound exciting, it’s often added to shampoos and hair products specially designed to repair damaged hair, and sometimes keep hair straight.

So what is normal Keratin made of?

Normal Keratin is made from hooves, feathers, animal hair. In fact, when you purchase products containing keratin, they are using ground animal parts to make the product. This can present a problem if you’re vegan or you want to use cruelty-free products.

If you’ve ever studied the labels of your favourite products, you might notice that some say that they’re cruelty-free. This term doesn’t only apply to companies who don’t perform animal testing; the cruelty-free label also applies to companies who don’t use animal keratin.

And besides being bad for animals, it’s unsustainable for the environment if you consider that each animal needs vast amounts of water and food to produce good keratin.

Is it possible to get Vegan / Cruelty-Free Keratin?

Our Healthy Hair Mask

Yes, it is possible to make Vegan Keratin. And this is exactly what Ginger and Pearl use in our Healthy Hair Mask.

While you can’t find Keratin directly in a plant, but it can be synthesized from amino acids extracted from plants. But finding products that use these is rare. Keratin is not vegan under normal situations.

What To Look For To See if Your Products At Home Are Normal Keratin or Vegan Keratin

If it comes from a plant-source, the product will make it very clear on the label and ingredients that it’s “Vegan Keratin.” Technically Vegan Keratin is not Keratin, but a mixture of plant amino acids which are meant to mimic the amino acid mixture of Keratin, thereby they have the same incredible effects as Keratin on your hair but none of the cruelty and unsustainability aspects making it both a better ethical choice and an environmental one as well.

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