Fight The Frizz This Winter

Frizz is for many people their number one hair issue. Mostly it’s a problem during the hotter months but on wet, raining days combined with central heating, it can be a big winter problem too.

Luckily there’s a lot you can do as part of your everyday routine to fight the frizz and have the beautiful smooth hair you crave.

What are the Causes of Frizzy Hair?

Moisture in the Air

This is the number one culprit behind frizz. When your hair gets wet, the hydrogen bonds that help hold it in shape are temporarily broken. (Don’t worry, this doesn’t damage your strands–they’re immediately reset when your hair dries but this is why your hair is soo fragile when it’s wet!) While this is useful for styling after a wash, because it means that you can manipulate your hair into different looks when those hydrogen bonds reset they don’t always do so where you want them to be.

Unfortunately, they can also be broken by moisture in the air which is why you probably often find your hair gets frizzier during the hotter, wetter months, and less so during dryer weather.

How frizz-prone you hair is depends on your hair’s natural structure (straight, wavy or curly) and how porous it is - how easily moisture enters and exits your hair shaft.

Dry and Damaged Hair

If your hair is damaged (for example from chemical processing or overzealous heat styling) it will be more porous, allowing more ambient moisture in through the cuticle. Also, damaged hair is almost always dry—and dry hair is more brittle and likely to break. When individual hairs snap off in various places around your head, they can stick out and make your style look frizzy.

How to Fight the Frizz

No matter what your hair texture, there are certain actions you can take to not only fight the frizz but say goodbye to it forever.

Use a good conditioning mask like Our Healthy Hair Mask will plump your hair with moisture and then lock it in–helping to make your hair supple, shiny and shielded from humidity.

Wash your hair regularly, making sure you’re using the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair texture and ensuring it’s SLS free too if you can.

Use a daily protective spray which will help shield your hair from weathering and damage. What’s more the right spray can condition your hair throughout the day so you not only fight the frizz but keep your hair in tip top condition too!

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