Hairstyles to Manage Your Thinning Hair..

If you’ve noticed your hair thinning and are at a loss as to how to manage / hide your locks then check out list of haircuts and tricks to make the best of your hair. Starting with the more dramatic ‘cut’ options and working our way down to the ‘tricks’ we look at the best ways to rock your hairstyle and make the most of your locks.

The Dramatic Options…..

1. The Shaggy Lob

Starting with one of the more drastic options, a long, messy tousled bob is always hot on the list of must-have cuts and the reason for this is that it really suits fine, thin hair! (Obviously this one is more a permanent way of managing thinning hair)

Top Tip: If you go for this cut, make sure to ask your stylist for textured layers to help volumize your hair! And don’t forget to use a salt hairspray to maintain that textured look.

2. The Pixie Cut

Another more drastic option, an asymmetrical cut is not only low maintenance but also almost permanently on the ‘chic hairstyle’ list.

Pixie cuts are also ageless and can suit a variety of styles and face shapes meaning almost anyone can carry this look off.

Top Tip: Maximise your volume by air drying your hair first then finishing it off with a blast of heat and set with a spray.

3. A Fringe

Just like The Lob, a fringe can naturally volumize limp hair strands even in if you have long locks. Fringes can also compliment thinner hair, but only if they’re not heavy or blunt. If you ask for a light and feathered fringe with a soft edge you’ll really ensure your hair is working for you.

As fringes tend to need restyling every day, this look is a bit more high maintenance but you can simply wet your fringe and give it a give towel or blow dry with a round brush to get that quick lift.

Pro Style Tip: If blow drying frequently, look to protecting your hair with a heat protection spray to ensure your current locks aren’t suffering while your new ones are growing.

And if you don’t fancy lopping off your hair here are how you can maintain your hair while you kick-off your hair growth with our products….

The Less Dramatic Options…..

1. The Top Knot

A small high top knot can do wonders for thin-looking hair! To get the most from this style leave the base loose so it naturally rounds out before you tie up the bun. This will also be less stressful on your hair follicles as tight, pulled back hair do’s can weaken and damage the hair further.

Top Tip: Try using a silk-scrunchie for this style as it’s a gentler on your hair and helps prevent breakage.

2. The Side Sweep and Clip

This simple, yet effective style is a no-fuss and quick way to manage your hair while it grows. You can use large hair clip or even just simple hair grips. Simply sweep your hair to one side and fix it with the grips or clip. This will bulk up the overall look of your hair as well as create a feminine and styled look.

3. A Beautiful Braid

Wrapping braids around the top and front of your head is a great way of evoking an effortless, graceful look as well as alluding to thicker hair!

You can do this either by faking it entirely with a pre-braided hair accessory that you can wrap the front strands of your hair around or by braiding your own hair as follows…

1. Split your hair down the middle, separating it in to two, making sure each part is equal.

2. Begin with your left side. Take a handful of hair and separate it into three pieces.

3. Out of the three pieces, weave the left piece under the center piece, then right piece under the new center piece and so on, all the way down the length of the hair.

4. Continue braiding, lifting the braid up and around your hairline. Then, secure it at the top of your head with some bobby pins!

5. Repeat Step 2-4 with the right side!

6. Wrap the end of the right side braid around the first pinned braid, and bobby pin it into the desired position.


There are loads of great ways to hide and manage your thinning hair but your best option is to analyse what works best for you.. whether it’s time to get a chop and go for that pixie look or whether you want to go for you less drastic side-sweep. How your hair looks is personal to you and so should be how you manage it.

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