How to Brush Your Way to Strong Hair

Believe it or not but over half of the British population are brushing their hair wrong. While it may seem like a fool-proof task there’s actually a genuine science to it. Brushing your hair incorrectly can lead to breakage, tangles, and in some instances even cause enough damage to contribute to serious hair loss. On the other hand, if you can nail your brushing technique you could end up with the strongest, healthiest hair of your life!


The majority of people use only one brush, for drying, styling, combining out knots… but the fact is that every brush serves a specific purpose and shouldn’t be used for multi-tasking. Ideally for drying your hair you want to use a round brush (but avoid the ones with the little balls on the ends). For Combining out knots and tangles you want to use either the legendary Tangle Teezer or a boar bristle brush or comb with staggered teeth – all of which are designed to deal with your knots without causing breakage to your locks in the process.

Creating Volume

We all know there’s one guaranteed way to create instant volume by teasing your hair up. But more often than not the go-to method is actually incredible damaging to your hair.

The best way to create volume is by using a tail comb or a teasing boar brush. If you apply dry shampoo to your roots first and then start from halfway down the length of your hair, you can use a teasing-specific brush to apply firm brush strokes toward your scalp. If you do this until there's cushion of hair at the base of your scalp, hit it with hairspray, you’ll have volume to make even Bridgette Bardot jealous!

The Right Kind of Comb

Yep, that’s right, there’s a right kind of comb and a wrong one too! A wide-tooth comb breaks the hair and, instead of detangling, locks in knots, leaving your hair rough and difficult to manage. A fine-tooth comb is gentler on hair, while one with boar bristles also does the trick.

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Brushing Your Hair Correctly

The majority of women make the mistake of brushing from their roots to their ends, which creates more knots and ultimately adds unnecessary damage as you work to break through all the tangles.

Going down the entire length of your hair in one, long swipe makes it inevitable that you'll catch your brush on multiple tangles, increasing your odds of breakage. If you start a few inches from your ends and brush downward, moving upwards section by section, you’ll find not only are your tangles easier to work out but you won’t create harsh breakage with your hair follicles.

Got into a big tangle??

If you’re anything like us, there’ll be days when you find your hair looks closer to the Gordian Knot than beautiful long tresses worthy of a goddess, - so in this instance, when your hair feels beyond redemption and you’re half tempted to shave it all off (admit it, you’ve been tempted at least once or twice..;)) we’ve got just the trick to help you restore some Grecian beauty to your tresses once more.. Because moments like these require serious action, take a spoonful worth of Our Healthy Hair Mask, and combined with a few spritzes of Our Hair Detangle Spray, smother your locks in the mix and carefully work your comb through using the method as described above. Not only will the conditioning mix make detangling your hair a lot easier but it’ll help minimise any potential breakage that such a knot might have too.

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