How To Incorporate A Scalp Scrub Into Your Hair Care Routine...

A refreshed, healthier, reclarified scalp that not only stays cleaner for longer but also gives you a healthier growing environment for your roots…? What’s not to love about Our Purifying Scalp Scrub! But today we wanted to look at how you can incorporate one into your hair routine to get maximum benefits and minimal fuss….

The best time to use our scalp scrub is right before you shampoo and condition. Think of it like a mini detox session for your scalp. Ideally you want to scrub once a week to maintain all the benefits without stripping out any essential oils either!

Giving your scalp an intensive deep cleanse and exfoliation – removing oils, impurities and dry skin cells – boosts scalp health and creates an ideal hair growth environment. By removing build-up left over from your styling products it means your scalp can truly breathe and your hair can shine!

You especially want to be using a scalp scrub if….

  • Your roots are greasy

  • Your hair is feeling a bit under the weather or looking dull

  • Your scalp is itchy

  • You’re flaked off by the flakiness

  • You have product build-up (especially from products like dry shampoo!)

  • Your hair feels limp or weighed down

  • You feel like a really deep clean is in order!

So you’re ready to scrub? Apply Our Purifying Scalp Scrub to wet hair in the shower. Ideally you want a cereal spoon size amount (but double this if you have very thick hair). Start along your parting line and work into your scalp. Follow along your hairline and gently massage the entirety of your head for about a minute. You should feel the tingly sensation of the apple cider vinegar getting to work rebalancing your pH levels. Rinse out and then use your favourite shampoo and condition to finish.

Our Life-Changing Scalp Scrub

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