Inositol: The wonder hair growth ingredient!

Find out about the key ingredient in our Hair Growth Elixir and why it matters to you and your hair!

How it moisturises your hair

One of the main ways in which inositol helps with hair growth is by helping to strengthen each follicle so that it is it retains moisture. This is especially great, given that one of the main issues with growing long, natural hair is that it often doesn’t retain enough moisture. This often causes breakage amongst follicles as the hair can turn brittle without the ability to remain properly moisturized. This makes inositol one of the essentials for hair growth.

Preventing Baldness

Another way in which inositol helps to promote long, healthy natural hair, is by literally helping to prevent baldness. Some studies have shown that those with a diet lacking in vitamin B8 tend to be specifically more prone to baldness. Luckily, this issue of baldness can often subside once the vitamin is re-introduced to the diet. Therefore, inositol may be an essential element to anyone being able to maintain a full head of natural hair.

Addresses Hyperandrogenism

Hyperandrogenism, or androgen excess, is a condition marked by the excess of androgens. This disease can cause a host of other ailments including ovarian cysts, acne, excess facial hair, and most importantly, alopecia. Alopecia being a hair and scalp disorder that causes massive hair loss in otherwise healthy people. This disorder affects many men and women across the globe and there are said to be very few suitable remedies to address this issue. By using vitamin B8, you could effectively address an ailment that could be highly detrimental to your hair health.

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