Lockdown giving you the hair blues?

When it comes to confidence, our hair plays a massive part in how we look and feel! Check out these top tips to get your hair game back even if the hairdressers aren't open yet...

Hydrate and smooth your split end with a hair mask

Damaged hair is often dry hair, and a hydrating and nourishing hair mask can do really strengthen, condition, and repair it. Bursting with nourishing coconut, shea butter and carnelia and argan oils, our healthy hair mask revives hair from root to tip. Used weekly, it locks in moisture into your hair cuticle, delivering incredible shine and softness, while smoothing out split ends and preventing further breakage.

Avoid brushing wet hair

The cardinal sin of good hair care is brushing wet hair with a regular brush. This is because it puts additional strain on your strands when they’re at their most fragile! So put down your regular brush and instead, gently detangle and smooth wet hair with a brush designed especially for this purpose. With its unique brush technology Tangle Teezer will wrangle the unruliest wet hair into submission, without causing unnecessary breakage (so no surprises it’s been hailed a hair care must have since it launched)

Sleep in your hair mask for extra intensive repair

If your hair is feeling super-fried, parched and unruly, try leaving your hair mask on overnight for extra-intensive repair and hydration. Apply a generous amount of our Healthy Hair mask, and then wrap your hair up in a microfibre towel or silk turban to keep your sheets clean as you sleep. Once you rinse out the next day you and your hair will be thanking us!

Avoid drying, chemical-packed shampoos

While we all love that feeling of a foaming shampoo, some chemical-packed supermarket products sacrifice hair health for that oh-so-clean sensation. To keep hydrated and happy, it’s best to avoid sulphates and SLS wherever you can as these that can strip your hair of natural oils and irritate those with sensitive scalps. If you’re looking for an ‘oh-so-clean’ experience from your hair care products then our purifying scalp scrub could be just what you need. Say goodbye to horrible buildup and hello to a fresh, clean, and purified scalp!

Pre-dry hair before blow drying

We all know that vigorous towel drying can damage your hair but the alternative is to hit it hard with the hairdryer right? Wrong! Try out a microfibre towel wrap or one of those lovely silk turbans and you’ll be shocked at how they reduce blow drying time drastically, and can even dry your hair completely if you leave it on long enough! If that doesn’t convince you then while your hair is all wrapped up you’ll also be reducing the friction, fly aways and frizziness caused by rubbing and wrapping hair in a regular cotton towel. What more could you ask for?

Mix up your hairstyle

While there is nothing easier than sticking your hair into a top knot or ponytail when you’re in a rush sadly wearing your hair in the same style day after day puts strain on your strands and can often lead to breakage. And if you’re a fan of the high, tight bun then you also run the risk of developing traction alopecia so make sure you give your tresses a rest every now and then!

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