The Golden Rules of Hair Care to Live By

Regardless of colour, cut, or even texture, there is one thing almost everyone wants and that’s beautiful, healthy hair. But let’s face it, with our lives becoming more and more complicated and full it’s hard to make time and prioritise our hair. So this week we’ve out together what we’re calling Our Golden Rules of Hair Care. Simple, easy to follow advice that can help give you the hair you always dreamed about but will also fit nicely into your everyday life.

How You Wash Your Hair – 3 Is A Magic Number!

Believe it or not but most people are washing their hair wrong. For a lot of women they are over-washing – removing key natural oils needed to keep your hair healthy. For others, they’re not washing enough and that’s often down to suffering some form of hair loss and finding they lose more hairs in the shower. Ideally you want to aim to wash your hair 3 times a week max. “If you wash your hair every day it strips away the natural oils and proteins that you need to keep your hair and scalp healthy” advises Caroline, Our Founder. The same goes for if you’re not washing enough. By not removing dirt and impurities you’ll actually be contributing to build-up on your scalp which can change the pH levels of your scalp and when left can even contribute to hair loss. By washing 3 times a week you will give you hair and scalp a good break between washes (to not dry it out) while also adequately removing any build-up or impurities to ensure you have a healthy scalp.

If you colour hair then you also want to wait at least 72 hours after each colour before you wash it. It can take up to three days for your hair’s cuticle to fully close (trapping the colour molecules in your hair shaft). If you wash your hair before these cuticles have closed your colour may well fade.

If you are finding that your hair gets greasy easily and you cannot go more than a day without feeling like you need to wash it then you definitely want to invest in a scalp scrub like Our Purifying Scalp Scrub. With specially formulated ingredients to rebalance your scalp pH this scrub will not only prevent excess sebum production but will restore a healthy growing environment for your roots.

Always Use Protection

Your hair can be damaged by both heated tools and UV rays from the sun so it’s important to properly protect it. When you dry your hair with a hair dryer always use a heat protection spray and be sure not to hold the hair dryer too close to your lengths, to prevent split, fluffy ends. A good test to see if you’re too close is to blow the dryer onto your hand at the same distance you would your hair and see if the heat is too much.

While everyone focuses on heat protection you also want to think about age protection. UV rays not only damage your hair but they prematurely age it too. A great way to protect your hair is with our Hair Detangle Spray which contains key anti-ageing ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid which will age protect your hair as well as nurture it.

Style Smart

There’s a bit of a misnomer that styling means hot styling tools like straighteners and curlers but this is simply not true. If you give yourself a great blowout you can rock this for more than one day and on day three you can style your hair into a high ponytail. By making a style last for a few days you can prevent damage.

The best way to blow dry your hair is by flipping your head upside down, and shaking your hair around while you blow-dry,” Caroline explains. “The more you move, the more volume you’ll get. Once it’s about 80% dry, flip back up and blow dry your hair in sections focussing on ‘polishing’ your ends. Move your brush and dryer right down to the very end of the strands and take your time. It will make all the difference. Most people come at their heads from the side, which makes hair frizzy and staticky by pushing it all over the place.”

Know Your Brushes

The world is awash with different types of hair brushes but no one ever seems to explain the differences between them and which ones are best for what. “Ideally you should have a round brush for blow drying, a boar brush for styling and a tail comb to move hair around a little (this is great for layering hair if you have a patch you want to cover)

Keep your brushes clean and free of dead hair, oil and product build-up by washing them in a mixture of baking soda and warm water at least once a month.

Condition the Right Way

Good conditioner is also crucial when it comes to any hair type but particularly thick, curly tresses. A good conditioning treatment can really transform your hair and rejuvenate even the most parched of locks. “A great trick is use heat either by applying conditioner to your hair while taking a shower and letting it sit while showering or by covering your hair with a plastic cap and applying heat from an outside like a hair dryer.”

It’s also a good idea to think ahead and anticipate situations where your hair might dry out. “A great example of this is when you exercise. When you workout your hair gets damp with sweat and this can make it dry. Before you start add some conditioner from the mid-lengths to your ends of you hair. Rinse this out after your workout and you’ll be left with hydrated, shinier hair”.

If your hair is feeling dry, brittle, and need of some love then look no further than Our Healthy Hair Mask. Packed full of nourishing ingredients including Shea Butter and Vegan Keratin you'll notice the difference after just one use!


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