What Impact Does Stress Have On Your Locks?

Most of us know that stress can have a serious effect on our health and thankfully in today’s environment we’ve all become more open about our mental health and headspace. But another factor to consider is not just how stress effects our mood and emotions, but also how it can negatively impact your hair too.

From a biological perspective an over-production of cortisone, the stress hormone, can lead to a whole host of hair problems, from thinning and breakage to extreme hair loss and baldness. Today we’re going to take a deeper look at some of the causes for stress – related hair loss.


Scary as the title is, this is what can happen to your hair follicles during stressful times. This is because when we are stressed our bodies switch into survival mode and perform a number of flight or fight reactions, including (importantly) the narrowing of the blood vessels. As your blood vessels constrict, less oxygen, minerals, and nutrients which are all needed for hair growth reach your hair follicles.

Our bodies also focus most of it’s energy on providing vital organs with oxygen so our scalp doesn’t get enough oxygen to maintain healthy hair growth.

What can you do to help with this? Try stimulating your scalp with Our Purifying Scalp Scrub as not only will you find this really de-stressing and relaxing but massaging with Our Scrub will help encourage blood flow to your scalp and follicles thereby stimulating a healthy hair growth environment.


Urgh, we all know what it’s like to be stressed, wide awake, and wishing our brain would just switch off all the while knowing that the next day we’ll be exhausted as well as stressed. Sleep deprivation has a massively negative impact on our overall health and sadly it can really really impact your hair too. High Stress often leads to restless nights meaning your body is unable to reach the ‘Deep Sleep Stage’ of our Sleep Cycle. This ‘Deep Sleep Stage’ is vital for your hair’s health and growth as this is where your body repairs any damage to your hair and where any growth takes place. By being unable to reach this restorative part of our Sleep Cycle what happens is you often end up with limp, lifeless hair that doesn’t seem to grow and if you remain in this state for a period of time then your hair will become sadly more fragile and damaged as your body will be unable to repair and restore it.

What can you do to help with this? The best thing you can do for your hair is to break the cycle of insomnia. If you know what is causing your stress and you’re able to remove yourself from it then this would obviously be the best cause but often we find ourselves incredibly stressed for a variety of reasons and with no obvious solution. In these situations a great way to manage your stress is by meditating. Meditation has a whole host of benefits including improving your immunity and helps reduce the signs of ageing too. Our Founder swears by a meditation app to get her to sleep when she can’t switch off!


Ever noticed how, when you’re really stressed you get a cold or the flu? That’s because when you’re stressed your more susceptible to contracting bugs as our immune system becomes impaired and prevented from treating illnesses you wouldn’t normally notice. And… when we are sick, all the good nutrients needed to keep our hair nourished and beautiful get diverted to other areas of our body to help fight the illness.

What can you do to help with this? This ones simple (ish) … maintain a good, healthy and well-balanced diet. That way you can ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to fight any bugs and keep your hair looks fantastic. Diet is incredibly important to your hair growth cycle, so be mindful of what you eat, even in a stressful situation, so your body can obtain all the vitamins and minerals it needs to nourish and nurture your tresses.


A common symptom of stress is the pulling and scratching of the hair and scalp, and often the person is unaware they are even doing it. It is especially prevalent in those who suffer from anxiety too. Being overly-tactile with your hair can lead to permanent follicle damage, and in some extreme cases, premature hair loss. Stress can also trigger issues such as dandruff and dryness due to the imbalance of hormones created in your body.

What can you do to help with this? Give your hair and scalp a bit of love with purifying and rebalancing treatment like Our Purifying Scalp Scrub which is specifically designed to create a healthy scalp and root environment.

A Note From Our Founder: Take Time For Self-Care

It has never been more essential for everyone to take time, and ensure their own needs are met. With the Covid-19 situation now breaching the 6 month timeframe, we’ve all lived through and are continuing to live through an incredibly stressful and emotionally challenging situation of which most of us have felt out of control, afraid, stressed, anxious, and even depressed. It is so incredibly important that each and every one of us takes the time to recognise and acknowledge what we are feeling. Talk to your family, friends, anyone that you feel safe and comfortable with because what you feel and how you are feeling really do matter. Find a little time if not every day then at least two to three times a week just to indulge in some self-care, be it singing along to your favourite song, having a lovely hot bath, or even taking a nice walk. Take the time you need, because your needs matter.

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